Saturday, January 24, 2009

We Went to the COOLEST Toy Store Ever, Today!

We went to Play Things Ect, just north of Buttler, PA today!

This store not only carries toys for "kids" of all ages, but it also carries toys that you won't fing anywhere else (Made in America, anyone?), AND, it donates a portion of it's sales to provide unfortunate children all around the world with toys!

The store it's self is shaped like a ginat silver spaceship

The front door is the engine exhaust

Inside, we found the controls to the space ship, along with lots of toys we could play with and try out, and employees who were playing too!

Xavian, J, and Saxton tried out the race track & race cars

Korra and Saxton walked around a bit looking at everything

Then J & Xavian found the rubberband guns, which led to me yelping "Ouch!"

Saxton decided the 1950's diner kitchen was just his size

And Korra discovered a tree house to play dolls in (her fave thing in the whole store!)

Xavian's favorite toy in the store was of course the race cars & race track, and I did some mental birthday shopping for both Xavian and Saxton. J just liked everything!

We detoured heading home via Chicorra and it's 2 remaining awsome wooden railroad trestles. J programed the Garmin (thanks MIL & FIL!) and we took the most indirect path we could getting there!

Here's J telling the Garmin where to go

What a fun day! To check out the store (& even to shop online!) go to

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