Thursday, February 26, 2009

Alterations Made:


I took 4" off each leg AND the top. MUCH better! Size 3 my butt.

About Those 5 Unfinished Projects...

#1: Finish Wool Soaker DONE
#2: Put Recipes in New Binder & Make Recipe Nook Neat DONE
#3: Mat & Frame Picture (broke the glass) ON HOLD
#4: Finish Quilt IN PROCESS
#5: Make Korra the Clothes I Bought the Supplies for Last Spring IN PROCESS

I did start a couple new projects, but I didn't start any of them during my week!

I Have Sewing Fever!

Sew (get if? SEW!) I made Korra another outfit using a Burda pattern & fabric I scored at JoAnn's last spring. ($3.99 + tax for pattern, fabric and thread!)

I'm not sure if I'm feeling the length of the dress, and I am definately going to have to shorten the britches. This is what I get for sewing a whole outfit without trying it on her before adding the ruffles.

Korra's "fish face" she makes while waiting to hear "Smile!" It's the only way I can get her to smile a genuine smile instead of the 5 year old clenched teeth/tight lips look.

Silly girl!


Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Korra's Closet Continues to Grow

I sold some of Korra's outgrown clothes on eBay and ordered these:
MomiBoutique's Olive Juice
And this is Apricots and Lollipops' Mommy's Little Helper:
And I made these pants yesterday that cinch to make them ruffled at the bottom or leave loose for a straight leg boho look

She is, of course, thrilled!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

When the Sewing Machine's Away...

I now have a loaner with which to play!

So, I sewed! I needed to play w/ the machine a bit to get a feel for it, so I decided to make something for Korra. A small something. But then I got inspired. And with no pattern what so ever, embarked on a 10 hour sewing spree spread over 2 days.

This is what I made:

Every. Single. Seam. has decorative top stitching. I think it makes the dress. It has the appearence of handstitched quilt. At least I think so!

Saturday, February 21, 2009

It's Been Decided

Saturdays are my day off. I'm going scrapbooking all day, until this summer, then I'll yardsale all morning and scrapbook the rest of the day away.

Feels good to leave the house without a responsability.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Saxton wearing his new soaker!

Saxton tried on his new soaker today. It fits! And matches the Zutano shirt I have perfectly! Eeeeek!

As cute as he was, if he could see Mommy, that meant Mommy needed to be holding him. And so I have no smiling baby in pictures. Oh well.

I also finished project #2! I finished organizing my recipes and got the piles of loose recipes laying on the kitchen counter put in the new binder I got last Friday. I also organized the recipe shelf in my baking cupboard so that ALL recipes are findable. Go Me!

Korra was home sick today. Poor baby has a stomach bug. And poor Mommy now has more laundry. She went to bed without telling anyone at 7pm. Yup, she's staying home from school tomarrow too.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Unfinished Project #1: Finished!

I've been working on this wool soaker for just over one week, and all I had left to do was make the left leg cuff and dye it. So I did it. The soaker is another product of the tiny bird pattern, the merino wool is from Patton's, and I used Easter egg dye to dye it. Using this tutorial:
This knitting thing is fun!

Vow to Myself

This week, I WILL:

-Finish at least 5 projects I have started
-Not start anything new
-Finish those 5 projects in a timely manner
-Figure out what 5 projects to finish

Monday, February 16, 2009

My Better Half Spoils Me

I woke up Saturday morning and putzed around upstairs for a bit. Sleepy J, who worked overtime all night finally asked if I had been to the kitchen yet. Nope. So I went. See what he got me?!

Are those orchids not beautiful? OMG-osh! And guess how easy they are to care for. Guess. 3 icecubes a week! How awsome is that?! Love LoVe LOVE the hummingbird feeder too! Can't wait to see them fluttering around this fabulous feeder this summer!

I also got a white chocolate Lindt bar, but I ate that right away :::giggle:::

You Know It's Bad...

When you return from a weekend off-line, and you get bombarded w/ e-mails from on-line friends asking if you are okay.

Ladies, I AM OK. I promise. I was away. And then home and being romanced by my hubby. And then away again. Oh, and I chased the dog all over town town Saturday AND Sunday morning.
What did I do while I was away, you might ask? Wellllllll....
On Friday (I spent some time online, just not a lot), I was a mom helper for Korra's Valentine's Day party, and then took my sewing machine to the Singer doctor for a cleaning and tune up. While at the mall (where the shop is), I ran into my good friend L (she hosted the apple cider party last fall), and we visited for a bit. And I got a Mall Security ticket for parking in the fire lane while unloading my heavy sewing machine. My bad.
On Saturday, I drove to Scrap Happy (just me & the baby!!!!) and scrapbooked (translation: gabbed) the day away. While there, I bought this:
The Provo Craft Cricut Expression, which included School Days (?) letters cartridge and a shapes cartridge. I bought the Fairy Tales letters cartridge too. (Confession: I took it out of the box last night, stared at it, and that's it. It scares me. What if I break it? It cost a good chunk of change.)
And when I returned home, we fed the kids grilled cheese and shipped them off to bed. I took a couple pics of Saxton & Daddy while Korra and Xavian ate their dinner. Then, DH & I made homemade fettuccini alfredo (mmmmmmm want more), drank a large bottle of wine, and watched No Reservetions staring Catherine Zeta-Jones.
Sunday, we went for a drive all the way over to Sharon/Hermitage to shop at Kraynak's and Pat Catans. Xavian got REAL MRR track, we bought seeds, some birthday gifts for 2 boys, yarn (my new addiction MUST be fed), more scrapbooking stuff, and J got stuff for his MRR. Korra, somehow, didn't get anything new. I just realized this. Now I feel bad. Oh wait-we got 2 wooden fireplaces for 2 bedrooms in her Barbie house. Whew.
2 doors down from Pat Catans was a Verizon store. New phone time!!! We each got one of these:
Palm Centro Smart Phones. I feel important =P (Pouting a bit because they only had navy blue. I wanted yellow or pink. Boo.)
We ate dinner at the Quaker Steak & Lube. The first and original one. Yummy, yummy wings! And magna fries! And Lube chips covered in cajun sauce and bleu cheese crumbles! And Unleaded Lubinades! Wing flavors: Arizona Ranch (J's fave) and Pennsylvania Garlic (my fave). Now I want to eat the left over wings we brought home.
So, there you have it. Don't be jealous. I played off-line all weekend! And now, we are cleaning the house. How does a house get so messy when I'm not home?

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Green Grass?!

It's a shocking 60 degrees today! With, of course, a high of 28 and snow for tomarrow, BUT, today is a wonderful tease of Spring.

The 4+ feet we got in January is significally shallower.

Tiny green sprouts are peeking out in bare spots

The burning bush has no buds, but the branches are greening back up

And, the most shocking of all, the melting snow unvailed the fire hydrant! We were starting to think it was to be under a frozen pile of snow all winter

It's not spring yet. Far from. But this taste is a promise. A promise that winter WILL end. That the trees will be budding, the flowers blooming, and the warm winds will be blowing again. We just have to wait about 2 more more months...


Monday, February 9, 2009

Saxton Had His 9 Month Check Up Today

His stats:

19 lbs 7 oz
27.25" tall
17.75" head

He's getting to be a tall & skinny boy!


Thursday, February 5, 2009

Jet Lag

I haz it.

On a side note, today Korra was standing in the kitchen staring into thin air

"Korra, what are you doing?"


Appearently that takes quite a bit of thought...

Monday, February 2, 2009

Romantic Baltimore Getaway (+1 Booby Baby) Highlights

J & I went to Baltimore, Maryland for the Great Model Train Show, a chance to dig thru the B&O Historical Society Archives, and just some romantic time to ourselves. I also met up with a Nestie!

Our archives appt wasn't until 12:30, so we started off Friday morning with a trip to the B&O Museum. Saxton had a blast driving the Allegheny C&O steam locomotive!

He then tried some brakeman duties

Braking must have been boring, because, wait! does the fireman get to play with these knobs?

He even cheesed it up peeking out the engineer's window

And finally, a quick pose with Daddy

A volunteer offered to take a picture of the 3 of us together. How cute are we?!

We arrived with minor derectional confusion at the Archives, where we found a lot of old documents and dust.

Random old tag laying on a table

Joes_Love's little Noah & Saxton are 3 days apart, and enjoyed chatting it up during our gtg. How cute are these boys?!

Saxton ended our hotel stay with a bang when he discovered that the tiolet paper unrolls...

I took a LOT more pictures, too many to post! It was fun!