Thursday, July 31, 2008

We missed it!

We were discussing Xavian and Korra this evening and some issues we're having with them, while Saxton had laid on the floor on his back. I look over to check on the little guy, and he had rolled onto his tummy! He rolled to the right to get to his link-a-doos, and was gumming and licking them. In less than a week he has laughed, grabbed objects (2 days after his first laugh), and rolled from his back to his tummy for the first time! He is one busy baby.

Hubby took this pic of Saxton and I with his new camera, so I have to share it too!

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

What I saw at 1:30am

How did I get this lucky?

Monday, July 28, 2008

So, We've Changed To Cloth Diapers!

Saxton is having some rash issues with disposables, and the disposables are so miserably expensive, that we decided cloth might just be the route to go!
Cloth are supposed to leak less, too, which is a good thing since we co-sleep. Waking up to a wet baby & sheets is NOT fun.

Here's a cloth diaper butt!

I just listed the Huggies case of size 1/2 (264 ct) on ebay. If interested, check it out! It's new! If the link doesn't show up, my ID is Korra*skloset.


I also have some Pampers Size 3, new, but the boxes are long gone, that I didn't list. If interested, e-mail me at thejenni.girl @

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Annnnnnd, here's Korra!

And, now, watch our future prima ballerina! *giggle*

The White Boy Can Dance!

How funny is it? Hubby got a new digital camera and recorded the kids singing and dancing. Stay tuned for Korra's fancy foot work!

Friday, July 25, 2008

Over the moon!

Saxon laughed tonight! It was wonderful! And then he was just silly.

As seen here:

I also canned some more tonight. 4 jars green/wax beans, 2 jars mixed veggies, 2 jars Mexican corn, 3 jars dill pickle chips, and 4 jars dill pickle spears. The cupboards are starting to fill up!

Saturday, July 19, 2008


So last night I canned green beans with baby red potatoes & a green bean/wax bean mix. This (late) afternoon, I canned 9 jars of hot salsa & 6 jars of bread 'n butter pickles. I'm hot and sticky. I believe the quote is: sweatin' like a pig. Wait, do pigs sweat?

Peddle Tractor Pull

We went to the Steam & Gas show today, and boy, was it crowded! I imagine with gas prices, people are trying to do more stuff local. We met the in-laws and meandered around the show grounds. I found some sandwich tupperwares in the flea market area, so hopefully we'll cut back on the sandwich bags used. We admired the antique tractors & the kids competed in the peddle tractor pull. Neither one placed, but they both gave it their best!

Here's Korra trying to figure out why it's getting harder to peddle

And here's Xavian, just as his foot slipped off the peddle. Note for next year: sneakers instead of sandals

Friday, July 18, 2008

PICTURES! (4th of July)

I'm canning tonight, now that the day has cooled off. While I'm waitting on the pressure canner, here's the 4th of July!

FIL & Saxton having a "coversation

The kids in their red, white & blue outfits

Great Grandma with Saxton & his cousin P., who is 2 days older than Saxton

Saxton chattin up with his future Uncle M.

MIL just can't get enough of her newest grandbaby!

And here's Aunt C. & future Uncle M.'s surprise wedding shower:

Who put their elbow in the cake?!

The oodles of gifts

Aunt C. & future Uncle M.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

They shaved the cat's butt

He has several wounds on his butt where one of the neighbor's dogs bit him. They aren't just puncture wounds, because they're also torn from him escaping. He's on prescrption meds to keep infection at bay, since they are a little deeper than the vet was comfy with. AND, I get to wash his butt with warm soapy water twice a day.

He lost some hair above his left eye, is sore, but other than that, he's okay.

Hopefully he's learned his lesson. Stay in the house, Chessie!

The $36 bill was a lot cheaper than I thought we were going to pay. Why can't people bills be this cheap?

A little worried

Our Chessie cat (who is a strict house cat) accidently was let outside yesterday. He was chased by our dog, alco, and the neighbor's 2 dogs, and ended up stuck in a tree. Today, I picked him up, and he cried. So I started looking him over and I found some injuries on his rear end, but none are bleeding. I'm praying that that's not a bad thing. I'm to have him at the vet's office at 4pm (when she opens) to be looked over. He's moving extremely slow, too.

I really, really hope he's not hurt so bad that he has to be put down. Not only is a much loved member of the family, but my 4 yr old is the one that let him out. I can only imagine how upset she'll be if she thinks this is all her fault.

Pray for our Chessie cat, won't you?

And the Winners Are:

Drumroll, please.....

Joes_Love AND Oliver'smommy!

e-mail me at

Monday, July 14, 2008

You should be so jealous.

Check out what I just picked in my own backyard! Yum Yum!

Fresh carrots, red potatoes, greenbeans, wax beans, lettuce AND blackberries! How awsome is it to eat food this fresh?!

I need to can some jam and mixed veggies tomarrow.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Our Little Princess

Korra's pagent was this afternoon, and boy! did she look cute! This was her very first time to be in the local pagent (not that she's been in any others, lol.)

This year's theme was a 50's sock hop. Isn't she sweet?

She didn't "win", but seriously, who cares? She was in it like she wanted, had fun, and can do it again next year, if she wants. She still got a crown, plus a bag of fun "princess" goodies. We're so proud of her!

And I thought I could be ditzy

We went to Altoona's Railfest yesterday. We had somuch fun! Lots to see and do, for both adults and kids. And then we went to Hooters. Hubby wanted wings, I wanted wings, and the kids really just wanted to eat. We had a really sweet waittress, who was working to earn money to buy, at our assumption, a clue.

We asked for a highchair, so she brings over 2 wooden chairs, stacked. She looks at the highchairs and asks if we know how to work the chair, because she doesn't. We told her they were 2 chairs stacked. "Oh!" was her reply.

Hubby went to take care of something, & I ordered the drinks. I asked for 2 tall Yuenglings. Draft or bottle? she wanted to know. Draft. "Do you want glasses for the beer?"

I ordered 4 waters. She comes back with 4 cups asking if we want lids on all 4? "No," I say. "Just the kids' 2 waters." "Oh." She says. "I thought all 4 for were for the kids"

We had a good laugh at her confusion, enjoyed our wings & fried pickles, and laughed at Saxton eyeing the sports channel on the big screen tv. Our waittress dotted on Xavian. He grinned and ate up every minute, lol! My kids even ended up with Hooters balloons!

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Mr Mom?

So, I went to 2 community yardsales today. I took the baby & the dog, and left the kids with hubby. Oh hubby. Poor hubby.

I returned from my treasure hunt to find my 2 children running around crazy, and Daddy was half-passed out on the couch. During my brief stay here at home (I had a home show to attend), I wittnessed Xavian chasing Korra with a chair while she zipped around in her Barbie power wheels Jeep, jamming to her FM radio. I know, right? I wished for a power wheels as a kid, but never had one. And now, my children each have one (well, the 2 oldest anyway), AND my daughter's has a working radio! Life is so not fair. Oh well. If it was fair we wouldn't call it life, now would we?

Back on subject, I think hubby has once again wittnessed what my life is like while he sleeps. And I am a good and understanding wife, when I see him so wore out. I simply hand him the baby and walk off.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Just to see who's actually reading...

I'll paint a custom designed shirt or make a set of bows(!) for the magical numbered comment! (As in, after 72 hours, I'll have Korra or Xavian draw a number out of a bowl). Comment must be nice & tell me what you have enjoyed reading about most!

Good luck!

Wednesday, July 9, 2008


I think Saxton summed it up at 6am this morning. He only woke up once during the night to eat (actually, Daddy woke him up moving him from the 1st floor to the second so we could go to bed). After I changed and fed him, into his 6-month crib he went. And that's where he woke up at 6am. I awoke to a resounding "GA!" Followed by several more (much quieter) ga's. When I peeked into his bed, he was blowing bubbles and worrying his hands. He looked happy! He sounded happy! Uh-wait. Does this mean we have another "morning" person in our family? Ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwww.

Exactly, Saxton. You say Ga! I say gah.

Please, please, please, do not be one of those annoyingly-chipper-and-all-togther-too-happy-before-9am-people. Your sister has already taken that position.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

eBay Listings

Shameless plug:

I've listed weather appropriate trendy maternity & designer children's clothes on eBay. Take a peek!

eBay id: Korra*skloset


Where have I been? I've been Crazy, that's where.

Monday: Not sure what happened. Kids had pedi appt but it was moved to Tuesday. The rest is a blur.

Tuesday: Took Saxton for his 2 month check up & Xavian had his stitches removed. Grandpa stole Xavian for a few days.

Wednesday: Picked up kids' pics at Sears, visited friend & her new baby, L.

Thursday: Slept in & then drove to in-laws for the weekend. Made a tort & veggie tray for the July 4th party. Visited with MIL.

Friday: 4th of July picnic/bridal shower at in-laws. Followed by more cooking out/partying at hubby's aunt's house. Watched the Mercyhurst fireworks display from aunt's front yard.

Saturday: Sorted personal belongings in in-law's chicken coop, drove home, stopping at every yardsale we saw.

Ok. That covers it. 4th of July pics to be posted soon!