Tuesday, December 30, 2008

On the 6th Day of Christmas...

Jenn showed to me:

Christmas pictures of her family!
Here's the kids in their new Christmas Eve PJ's

Santa was here!

In the midst of wrapping paper and boxes chaos

Saxton with his Discovery box from Mema & Papaw
Xavian realizing he got a Lego store giftcard
Korra wearing her new baby doll (from Grandma) in her new sling (from Mema)

The B&O bracelet J gave me that I asked for!

J & his baby girl under the mistletoe

Monday, December 29, 2008

In the Middle of Christmas

Who says Christmas is over at midnight December 25th?

The Christmas season begins sometime between the full bellies of turkey and that first trip out to see silver bells (or to shop-you all know who you are). But when does it OFFICIALLY end?

Renassiance times set the standards, I believe. A commercial Santa Clause was yet to exhist, as commercial America was yet to exhist. Yet, lo, people still found a reason to celebrate (awing, isn't it?). How did they celebrate might you ask? Same as us, of course. With food. Feasts upon feasts. Meager to massive. 12 days of feasts! Can you imagine eating Thanksgiving dinner 12 days in a row? (Jenny Craig is dancing at the mere thought, I'm sure.)

And on the Twelth night, they feasted and danced to celebrate Christmas for the final night. And they dressed up. In costumes. Before you start thinking of Halloween, I highly doubt anyone from Scream or Freddy Kruger made an appearance. Happy costumes people, happy costumes.

Twelth night falls on January 5th. (December 25th is day 1, and so on and so forth.) January 6th is the Epiphany/3 Kings Day, and is to be the climax of the holiday season. (Unless of course you are Greek or Russian Orthadox, then it's the 19th, as they follow a different calandar.)

So basically, Christmas ends the morning of January 6th. And so, I choose to leave my tree up until then. I continue to say Merry Christmas. And I continue to remember the reason for the season as others stare gloomingly at credit card bills and wonder the reason behind all the madness.

So, MERRY CHRISTMAS! my friends!

For more information, here's a link that may prove very helpful: http://www.cresourcei.org/cyepiph.html

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas!

Wow! What a day!

I'm exhausted from just watching the kids RUN. They never slowed down once all day. Even Saxton seemed to sense the excitement in the air, as he woke at 6am, napped briefly around 11am, and at 6pm, his little self passed out.

From our family to yours, have a blessed Christmas!

(will post pics soon, just need some "me" time first)

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Our Little Princess is Turning 5!

5 years ago tonight, my inlaws had come and picked up Xavian, and J & I were doing that "well, are we ready? We're having a baby tomarrow. A baby!" thing that couples do the night before being induced.

I hadn't wanted a Christmas baby. But by December 23rd, 2003, when the OB had finally offered a Christmas Eve induction, I jumped on it. I was done being pregnant.

That was 5 short years ago. She's grown since then, of course. She's no longer a tiny little thing. Well, she's still tiny, but not as tiny as she used to be.

Her party was scheduled for 4pm this afternoon. The weather wasn't the best, and the phone rang a couple times with regrets from family & friends. Korra was sad at first. But, the mention of the cake and presents cheered her right up!

And so, we all put on our party hats and Korra put on her Birthday Girl crown

(J's hat got cropped out of the picture. Dang it.)

Even Alco put a party hat on. But not the Chessie Cat. Cats hate birthday parties and hats. He stayed hid in the basement. Alco is wondering why he isn't also a cat. See him pout?

Korra opened her birthday presents by shredding the wrapping paper.

Grant Granny made her a grey/green velvety jumper
Xavian got her Kelly doll clothes, dressup shoes, and play jewelry
Saxton got her a pair of Barbie rollar skates, complete with pads
J & I got her a Cinderella pillow to match her bedding & a Barbie from the 12 Dancing Princesses

I made her a Barbie cake, the kind that the cake is an actual Barbie's dress. Korra LOVED it. J said her eyes were huge this morning when she peeked in the dining room.

I was afraid of Barbie's hair catching fire, so I "glued" 5 candles to a plate with pink frosting. It took 2 puffs, but Korra got all 5 blown out!

We ate a few slices of the cake. Who doesn't love birthday cake???

And finally, Daddy's little princess gave her Daddy a big kiss. Because every good fairy tale has a hero.

Why the Anti-June Cleaver Setiments?

Seriously, people.

Why the constant online and verbal slamming of a fictional mother & homemaker? What ever did she do to you? Is it because you blame her for your disfunctional childhood? Maybe, now that you're a mother yourself, you find yourself feeling inadequete?

The fictional character, I'm sure, was designed to represent a mother's unconditional love for her children. So what if she looked good doing it? And served her hubby martinis at the door? Did we ever stop to think that what he "served" her was/is not appropriate for television?

Let's discuss why everyone seems to hate her.
*the pearls and apron- I have yet to understand the resentment women feel for those 2 accessoeries
*the calm demeanor- Appearently NOT yelling is a bad thing
*the "of course, dear" phrase- This appearently makes her look like a submissive empty headed twit
*she *gasp!* gets dressed every morning- a sure sign she's cracked in the head: she doesn't live in pjs, sweat suits, or greasy hair

Personally, in my humble opinion, June Cleaver represents what we should, as mothers (even working moms), aspire to be. Calm. Patient. Unconditionally loving. See our own self worth in taking the time to shower & dress ourselves. Not fight in front of our children. Make a house a home.

I'm not saying I manage to do all I aspire to do, I certainly have my less than classy mothering moments. But at the end of the day, when I do take the time to get dressed and do my hair, I find that it's easier to be patient with my spouse and children (I don't feel so harried), feel good about myself, and enjoy my day. What a concept! Taking time for myself equals a happier day for myself!

So pardon me, while I tighten my apron strings and adjust my pearls, June Cleaver style. It's a much happier route than the disgruntled, I never take time for myself & feel guilty when I do route.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

The Eco Friendly Nestie Ornament Exchange

We Nesties had an EF ornament exchange for Christmas this year. Using Elfster.com, we were matched up with another Nestie, and the directions were for the ornaments to be homemade. This has to be one of the most fun echanges I've ever done!

Nestie Johan sent me these:

The snowflake was quilled by a local artisan. It's very pretty!

She made the cranes herself, using paper from her wedding. How special is that?!

I made the next 2 ornaments for Em&B:

I made this beaded ornament using seedbeads and wire from some wired ribbon.

I made these iceskates using felt, stuffed with poly fill, and paper clips for the blades.
I can't wait for next year's exchange!

The Amazing Blessings of Friends

Back, just before Thanksgiving, a friend and her family went to India. And landed at the air port in Mumbai-the day of the terrorist attacks.

What was so frightening to all of her friends here in the states (we had no clue if she or her family were safe!), must have been multiplied by a billion and then some, for herself and her husband. The relief when she finally was online and letting us know that she, her husband, and their 2 small children were okay, was overwelming.

They are safely home again, in the United States, and I'm sure traveling very soon is far from her mind. For a long long time.

Despite being faced with terrorism, she took the time to get gifts for friends. Which is aw-inspiring to me! Today, I found a box in the mail from her. Inside were metal Indian bracelets for Korra, and glass bangles for myself. They are, without a doubt, beautiful! I feel so blessed to have her as a friend!

Work It, Work It, Baby!

Saxton is a model! Well sorta. He's is going to be published on http://artsyfartsyfoofoo.com/12.html ! The website is owned by the VERY talented and incredibly sweet, Glad2bMrsSRS (hey-I don't have permission for her real name at the moment!) She has made 3 of Saxton's diapers and one wool soaker in the KCK pattern. She a doll to be long distance BFF's with, as well as a doll to work with! She does custom diapers, and her etsy store is http://www.artsyfartsyfoofoo.etsy.com/ . Want an AMAZING diaper??? Convo her!

I'm totally digging retro cowboy diapers. Dunno why, other than hey, I grew up in Oklahoma?

Monday, December 15, 2008

Xavian's Christmas Concert

Here's grades 1-3 at the Elementary school

The children sang several songs, including 3 ships came a sailing, Lights A-Glow (a Hanaka song), artic puppy, and several oldies but goodies.

I have to include the folling picture where he decided to pose, lol!

New Blog!

I am an official member of the Eco Friendly Nesties Team on Etsy, and as a member, I can now contribute to the blog!

Wonder what the Eco Friendly Nesties Team has on Etsy? Just searchEtsy for team econest, and see what goodies pop up!

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Sugar Cookies!

Today, we decorated sugar cookies!

I iced, while J, Xavian and Korra covered them in sprinkles

Coating cookies in candy is a LOT of work!

But, totally worth it once you end up with treats like this:

And this:

And these!

Even Saxton decorated a cookie!

And then he tasted his sugery confection. He liked!

Saxton enjoying a cookie without icing because mommy worries about 7 month olds with sugar highs

Saturday, December 13, 2008

New Hair!

I decided it was time for a fresh cut, so I went to the salon, and had 6" cut off! Not only 6 inches gone, but I also had the layers done differently!

Here's some before shots of my hair:

And a single after shot:

Okay, I just noticed the pictures don't seem any different, but, I swear that it's a lot different!!!

Breakfast with Santa

We went to Breakfast with Santa this morning. I goofed, and we were 30 minutes late, but everyone still had a blast! Here's some pictures from while we were waiting for our turn to talk to Santa.

J & Korra

J & Saxton

Xavian and I

Here's my 3 babies all together with Santa:

Xavian's wish list was short and sweet, but also included gifts for Alco (our puppy) & Chessie Cat.

A very animated Korra asked for one thing. Santa seemed quite taken with her!

Santa was a great curiosity to Saxton. No beard pulling, but he certainly kept his eye on the man in the red suit!

Santa then asked J & I what we wanted. That one was easy! Toy trains and Stitch n Bitch, duh!
Santa agreed that he too has a fondness for toy trains...