Monday, March 2, 2009

It's Dr Seuss' Birthday!

Born March 2, 1904, today, one of the most famous author's to ever pen a children's book would be 105 years old!

Here's some fun projects you can make or do this month in honor the Man who made a Grinch endearing:

Make your own Home-made Books.
Give the children a variety of craft supplies and recycling items (for example, glue, toilet paper rolls, egg cartons, pipe cleaners, felt, yarn, pom-poms, wiggle eyes, etc.) and challenge them to create their own unique creature like those in many of Dr. Seuss' books. Encourage them to write a story about their creature.
Make this Horton Hears a Who craft.
Create your own Dr. Seuss coloring book using some of these pictures.
Make your own Cat-In-The-Hat hat or a cat ear headband.
Create your own Cat-in-The-Hat story sacks.
Create your own Horton Hears a Who story sack.
Print out this Dr. Seuss bookmark to color.
Make this Green Eggs and Ham Placemat.
Print out this Cat in The Hat maze or dot-to-dot to do.
Make birthday cards and hang them around the room.
Make some of these Grinch Crafts.
Try some of these Dr. Seuss Printables.
Make a Cat-in-the-Hat Hat.
See how many of these Dr. Seuss characters you know.
See if you can match the quotes with the characters who said them.

I'm especially excited to see what characters my children will make!

So today, sit down, and share your favorite Dr Seuss story with someone you love!

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