Sunday, May 3, 2009

Saxton's First Birthday Party!

Sometime in the last year, my tiny baby grew into a tiny person!
I'm shocked!
We celebrated his first birthday in style. Although, what style we were shooting for is lost on me:
There were of course presents from his Mommy, Daddy, big brother & big sister, Memaw & Papaw, Grandma &, Grandpa, Great Granny, and Great Pa!
He was tired, so opening presents wasn't big on his list at all. Oh well. We took turns "helping" him open
Grandma got him his first case of beer...
(I promise, it was actually toy trucks. This is the box that they fit in best to wrap)
He took a belated interest in a couple toys when he thought no one was watching. Here he's pushing his Fropper and making a vroom sounds.
I made him a special birthday banner &, Xavian loaned Saxton the use of his own birthday balloons
I'm sure people without kids wonder why people strip babies to eat their cake. Let me explain to you childless people that babies do NOT like the idea of using a fork and taking dainty bites. They prefer to coat themselves in brightly colored stain inducing icing.
My example is as follows:
Baby looks at cakes and tries to decide if mom was really stoopid enough to give him this wonderful piece of sugary yumminess. He gingerly takes a pice of icing to taste while waiting for the delite to diappear:
Realizing that Mommy did indeed give him this and that it is all for him, baby decides to grab entire cake before she changes her crazy mind:
Baby finally relaxes into the cake destroying event while coating self in the confection. Pleasure is evident:

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Lauren said...

This is just too cute! I love your commentary for the pictures.