Friday, March 19, 2010

I Want to be a Two Year Old

I want to wake in the morning to my mommy's smiling face as she kisses my cheek and hugs me close, and promises me breakfast after she changes me.

I want to steal my brother's open lunch box and dump it on the floor so I can swipe his juice box.

I want to insist on bringing my woofwoof & minky blanket to go grocery shopping. And then sing a song I made up while we sit in the carwash cleaning salt off the truck.

I want to ride in a red plastic car with two steering wheels while mommy shops, and beep at everyone I see & wave hi. I will attempt to swipe bananas while mommy weighs some produce.

I want to eat a sugar laden cookie with sprinkles while the bakery tells me how cute I am. And then I will ask for another cookie, and get one.

I want to stand in the cart and hand mommy things, so that she can put them on the belt.

I want to ride in the shopping cart at Joann's and touch everything I can reach. No body cares how much toddlers pet yarn!

I want to be taken to Taco Bell, eat all my food and demand some of my mom's. Which will be spit out when I realize that there are veggies in it.

I want to try to take my seatbelt off while mommy drives home, and surprise her when I stand up in my seat. Aren't I clever?

I want to roam around the backyard, dragging my blanket in the dirt, leaves, & dead grass, while mommy unloads everything out of the truck.

I want to help mommy putaway groceries. Who cares if that jar doesn't go there?

I want to climb into daddy's bed and jump on him while yelling, "Hi Dad!" and be rewarded with a smile and my tummy being tickled.

I want to yell that I want to go outside while mommy cleans mud off my shoe, and the floor where I tracked the mud.

I want to drive my toys around the yard, insist that mommy follows me the whole way, and then, I want her to push my in the swing for exactly 3 pushes before I decide that I want to slide. And play with the Tonka firetruck. No, slide. No, truck. No, swing. No, slide.

I want to be carried inside after I bump my head, covered in kisses, and be washed off.

I want to be tucked into my bed, with a clean diaper, my minky blanket (that Mommy shook off outside), 10 billion crochet blankets, my minky pillow, a cotton sheet, and all (this means all) of my favorite stuffed animals.

I want to have my tummy rubbed while I suck down another sippy of water and my eyes drift shut.

I want to nap in the warm sunlight, snug in my bed. (Or so mom thinks)

I'm not asking too much, am I?

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