Sunday, September 19, 2010

Six Months of Silence, Part 1

Almost to the day!  EEP!

My husband will tell you that I've not been so silent in real life. In fact, I keep waiting to wake with masking tape over my mouth, just so he can get a word in edge-wise.  *blush*

I've been really, REALLY busy.  I created a new blog (more on that later), knit a LOT, got my sewing machine fully repaired (& sewed a LOT), chased Saxton, saw a dance recital, took kids to cheer camp & scout camp, cooked out, grew a couple gardens, worked on the front porch, created a nest for me, got a puppy(!!!), canned like a mad woman, turned 30, discovered my dresser on fire, dealt with the stress of a short notice remodel, made Korra's back to school wardrobe, hosted Canning Camp, and much, much more.

Well, enough excuses.  Because I left you all alone, I decided make a special post.  You see, because I like to sew, and my husband likes when I sew cheap, I've rounded up quite the collection of free children's clothing tutorials and patterns.  But what fun is having a collection if you can't share it???  Not much.  so I'm sharing.





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