Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Saxton wearing his new soaker!

Saxton tried on his new soaker today. It fits! And matches the Zutano shirt I have perfectly! Eeeeek!

As cute as he was, if he could see Mommy, that meant Mommy needed to be holding him. And so I have no smiling baby in pictures. Oh well.

I also finished project #2! I finished organizing my recipes and got the piles of loose recipes laying on the kitchen counter put in the new binder I got last Friday. I also organized the recipe shelf in my baking cupboard so that ALL recipes are findable. Go Me!

Korra was home sick today. Poor baby has a stomach bug. And poor Mommy now has more laundry. She went to bed without telling anyone at 7pm. Yup, she's staying home from school tomarrow too.

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