Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Green Grass?!

It's a shocking 60 degrees today! With, of course, a high of 28 and snow for tomarrow, BUT, today is a wonderful tease of Spring.

The 4+ feet we got in January is significally shallower.

Tiny green sprouts are peeking out in bare spots

The burning bush has no buds, but the branches are greening back up

And, the most shocking of all, the melting snow unvailed the fire hydrant! We were starting to think it was to be under a frozen pile of snow all winter

It's not spring yet. Far from. But this taste is a promise. A promise that winter WILL end. That the trees will be budding, the flowers blooming, and the warm winds will be blowing again. We just have to wait about 2 more more months...


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