Saturday, September 20, 2008

Every Dinner Is An Event

At least at our house!

It's so nice to be home again and sitting around the dinning room table, eating as a family. I really do love to cook! And I (at the moment) have 3 very willing taste testers. Korra & Xavian set the table really well on their own now, and Saxton has started joining us by sitting in his high chair and banging things on his tray.

I decided to give using cloth napkins full time a go, and it's been working out really well! I made yellow and green ones to match the kitchen, I have have burgundy satin ones, green Christmas ones, and some older white ones that I have had for years. The treasure, though, is the hand embroidered ones with the acorns and fall leaves-so pretty! My G-ma G. gave me the embroidered delights.
I'm hoping the cloth napkins help us with the grocery budget, as prices are soaring in the grocery stores. Either way, they're pretty, work better than paper, and wash up wonderfully!

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