Saturday, September 6, 2008

Future Uncle M. Becomes Official Uncle M.

First, let me say what a privilage it was to photograph such a special day for Aunt C. & Future (and now Official) Uncle M. Everything was soooooo simple and beautiful. Aunt C.'s wedding dress was sooooooo pretty! And, I have been to weddings where the bridesmaids dresses, were, well, what you think of when it comes to bridesmaids dresses, BUT these bridesmaids dresses were prom pretty!

Aunt C.- You were glowing and so happy! What a joy to be there as you prepared for the ceremony, and oh! how sweet to see how you smiled at Uncle M.

Uncle M.- You made me laugh more than once during the ceremony. It's obvious how much you love Aunt C. Welcome to the family!

And so, as promised, here is a sneak peek at a couple pictures (unedited)! I'm putting my nose to the grinder and finishing the editing this week.

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