Sunday, October 19, 2008

Blue Egg & Pirate Napkins

I have a blue egg. I really cool blue egg. A low in cholesterol blue egg. Laid by my friend's blue egg laying chicken.

I wonder what it tastes like? Can you taste blue? I am in awe.

And now I want some chickens even more than I did before.

After admiring my blue egg, I made Xavian his pirate napkins for his lunch box. All the other kids are going to wish that they could be this cool.

Xavian picked the fabric out all by himself at JoAnn's yesterday. Normally $8.99/yard, we bought 1/2 a yard & I used my blessedly wonderful 40% off coupon. We also bought the rest of the fabric we needed for Halloween costumes. Worked on sewing Korra's today, will post modeling pics when done.

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