Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Wow! Have I Been Distracted!

Life has been sooooo busy! I finally got all those apples canned!

Saxton started crawling the weekend of September 13th. Like real crawling-up on all fours-launching himself around. Insane, huh?

Other Saxton updates include him eating something other than boob juice last Sunday (the 12th). We started the rice cereal mixed with said boob juice. 6 bites, and he was opening his mouth. I would like to announce that we are accepting donations for the feed my 2 boys fund. Please.

I tried to cut my thumb off with an apple corer on the 6th. Ow Ow Ow!

The Knox & Kane Railroad was liquidated via auction on the 11th. So sad to see that line fall apart. J. and I have adored that railroad since Xavian was 4 months old. It's one of those things we knew was going to happen when the tornado destoyed the Kinzua Bridge, but we were in denile over. J. bid in his first auction and won the engineering sketches and geographical measurements of the line. It's only from Kane north, but it's better than nothing. Having south of Kane would be AWSOME. Completely insanely cool to look at the drawings. My FIL got us a B&O switch lmap/light? at the auction, and J. cleaned it up. It works!

I promise to blog better now that life has slowed down :)
Here's some pictures to make everyone happy and forgive me for being absent:

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