Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Why the Anti-June Cleaver Setiments?

Seriously, people.

Why the constant online and verbal slamming of a fictional mother & homemaker? What ever did she do to you? Is it because you blame her for your disfunctional childhood? Maybe, now that you're a mother yourself, you find yourself feeling inadequete?

The fictional character, I'm sure, was designed to represent a mother's unconditional love for her children. So what if she looked good doing it? And served her hubby martinis at the door? Did we ever stop to think that what he "served" her was/is not appropriate for television?

Let's discuss why everyone seems to hate her.
*the pearls and apron- I have yet to understand the resentment women feel for those 2 accessoeries
*the calm demeanor- Appearently NOT yelling is a bad thing
*the "of course, dear" phrase- This appearently makes her look like a submissive empty headed twit
*she *gasp!* gets dressed every morning- a sure sign she's cracked in the head: she doesn't live in pjs, sweat suits, or greasy hair

Personally, in my humble opinion, June Cleaver represents what we should, as mothers (even working moms), aspire to be. Calm. Patient. Unconditionally loving. See our own self worth in taking the time to shower & dress ourselves. Not fight in front of our children. Make a house a home.

I'm not saying I manage to do all I aspire to do, I certainly have my less than classy mothering moments. But at the end of the day, when I do take the time to get dressed and do my hair, I find that it's easier to be patient with my spouse and children (I don't feel so harried), feel good about myself, and enjoy my day. What a concept! Taking time for myself equals a happier day for myself!

So pardon me, while I tighten my apron strings and adjust my pearls, June Cleaver style. It's a much happier route than the disgruntled, I never take time for myself & feel guilty when I do route.

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