Saturday, December 13, 2008

My Re-Done Dining Room!

I promised, so here it is!

Here is some "before" pictures:

Here's during wallpaper removal:

And, of course, after! (Christmas decor is not up year around, sorry) It's not completely done-I still have to find some artwork for the empty wall space, but it definately works for now!

I have to admit- everytime I remodel/redecorate a room, it becomes my new favorite room to be in, lol! Maybe I should really think about getting going on the master suite...


AnnaBanana said...

Wow, I love it! I love the warm colors (I've painted our dining and living room in similar colors). The curtains are gorgeous too. I love your house, it looks so homey and classic. I can't wait till we have our forever home instead of our cookie cutter townhouse. Good job!

Bubbie's Mom said...

Wow!! That looks great. So much brighter!