Saturday, December 13, 2008

Breakfast with Santa

We went to Breakfast with Santa this morning. I goofed, and we were 30 minutes late, but everyone still had a blast! Here's some pictures from while we were waiting for our turn to talk to Santa.

J & Korra

J & Saxton

Xavian and I

Here's my 3 babies all together with Santa:

Xavian's wish list was short and sweet, but also included gifts for Alco (our puppy) & Chessie Cat.

A very animated Korra asked for one thing. Santa seemed quite taken with her!

Santa was a great curiosity to Saxton. No beard pulling, but he certainly kept his eye on the man in the red suit!

Santa then asked J & I what we wanted. That one was easy! Toy trains and Stitch n Bitch, duh!
Santa agreed that he too has a fondness for toy trains...

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