Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Our Little Princess is Turning 5!

5 years ago tonight, my inlaws had come and picked up Xavian, and J & I were doing that "well, are we ready? We're having a baby tomarrow. A baby!" thing that couples do the night before being induced.

I hadn't wanted a Christmas baby. But by December 23rd, 2003, when the OB had finally offered a Christmas Eve induction, I jumped on it. I was done being pregnant.

That was 5 short years ago. She's grown since then, of course. She's no longer a tiny little thing. Well, she's still tiny, but not as tiny as she used to be.

Her party was scheduled for 4pm this afternoon. The weather wasn't the best, and the phone rang a couple times with regrets from family & friends. Korra was sad at first. But, the mention of the cake and presents cheered her right up!

And so, we all put on our party hats and Korra put on her Birthday Girl crown

(J's hat got cropped out of the picture. Dang it.)

Even Alco put a party hat on. But not the Chessie Cat. Cats hate birthday parties and hats. He stayed hid in the basement. Alco is wondering why he isn't also a cat. See him pout?

Korra opened her birthday presents by shredding the wrapping paper.

Grant Granny made her a grey/green velvety jumper
Xavian got her Kelly doll clothes, dressup shoes, and play jewelry
Saxton got her a pair of Barbie rollar skates, complete with pads
J & I got her a Cinderella pillow to match her bedding & a Barbie from the 12 Dancing Princesses

I made her a Barbie cake, the kind that the cake is an actual Barbie's dress. Korra LOVED it. J said her eyes were huge this morning when she peeked in the dining room.

I was afraid of Barbie's hair catching fire, so I "glued" 5 candles to a plate with pink frosting. It took 2 puffs, but Korra got all 5 blown out!

We ate a few slices of the cake. Who doesn't love birthday cake???

And finally, Daddy's little princess gave her Daddy a big kiss. Because every good fairy tale has a hero.

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