Sunday, November 9, 2008

Baby, It's COLD Outside!


It's alternating between rain and snow. I can see my breath. Thank heavens for a warm house and socks! Speaking of socks-I need new fun & fuzzy ones. Definately adding that to my shopping list for Friday.

On a side note, my etsy store is doing fairly well. I'm getting quite a few custom orders that include tutu and bow sets. I'm trading homemade bows & tutus for Christmas gifts for the kids.

Xavian and Korra have both outgrown their slippers, so our annual Christmas Eve gifts won't just be new Christmas pajamas, but also include slippers. I my eyes on some adorable pink wool elephant slippers for Korra on Etsy, but am still searching for ones Xavian will love. No slippers for Saxton. He's in footed pajamas for a year or 2. J made apoint of saying he needs new pj bottoms, so maybe I'll do 2 pais for him this year. I'll probably make them, since he needs longer legs on them. I'll probably make Korra a nightgown instead of regular jammas. She loves girly things!

I really want to get Saxton a wooden train from Santa. I should start looking harder before the pickins are slim, lol!

No pics this post, sorry. I'll try to pic later tonight!

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