Thursday, November 13, 2008

My Bad Mommy Moment

I try not to claim to be perfect. I try to appear cool and together, but in truth, I'm probably about as chaotic as chaotic gets. Case in point:

We had no vehicle this morning, so I rush the kids around so we can get to the elementary school/bus stop by 7:20 am. We hurried down the sidewalk, around the corner, and down the street to the school. We huddled under the school eaves and waited on the Korra's bus. I smoothed her hair, helped her put on her Strawberry shortcake backpack, and practically threw her on the bus.

I left Xavian in the gym, and as Saxton & I were headed back home, it started pouring rain. So I visited with a neighbor and worried about semi's speeding thru the school zone. In the rain, mind you. Finally, I complete the trek home.

I put the soaking wet stroller in the breakfast nook to dry, my coat over a stool to dry, and took Saxton into the livingroom, where I hear the answearing beeping.

"Mrs Jennigirl? Korra doesn't have school today. Can you come pick her up?"

No vehicle until DH returns home, a meeting at 10am, movies that are 2 days overdue needing returned, and a screaming baby. Oy.

I picked her up 9am (thank goodness the kindergarteners had class this morning), only to find out that I have a parent teacher conference at 9:20am. Korra has been unzipping her bag, and notes are not making it to and from school. I wait for my conference in the world's most uncomfortable metal chair, and of course, conferences are 20 minutes behind schedule. 20 minutes!

We ended up being late for my 10am meeting, not getting the movies returned, and I got the joy of feeding Korra and racing back out the door for Xavian's conference.

I. Am. Not. Perfect.

No, I am not. I am exhausted.

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