Sunday, November 2, 2008

Am I Making This a Habit?

Please say no. I want to blog more. I meant to blog more. And then I got SICK. Yucky, yucky stomach bug. And ended up sleeping (when I wasn't, well, sick) the entire day. Sick, sick, Jenn. Poor J. He was on vacation and had a sick wife. I am grateful that he wasn't working. Thank you, J.

Then it snowed. BIG. Half the town was without power and the Red Cross set up an emergency shelter at the volunteer fire hall. We lost several big tree branches. J. had to get the 4-wheeler (THANK YOU FIL!) out and plow the driveway.

Saxton celebrated his 6 month birthday by playing in the snow. My little snow baby.

My in-laws "kidnapped" Xavian and Korra for the weekend, so J. went grocery shopping with me at Giant Eagle. Having him help me was sooooooo wonderful! Sometimes (not every time, but sometimes) grocery shopping is a big weight on my shoulders and it wears me down. A bunch of meat was BOGO free, and J. & I decided to do some stocking up. Putting that meat in the freezer made me feel good Friday night.
So, there you have our weekday week!

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