Friday, November 21, 2008

Burning Up the Needles

Well, actually, in the last 48 hours I have broken 4, so technically they're not burned.

Anywho, I've been sewing! (like a crazy lady) I've made several things, but first let me tell you about my sewing machine.

Pretty, isn't she? She belonged to my late Grandma, and tonight, when looking up her seral number on the Singer website, I discovered she was made in 1951. That means she is twice my age! Every bit of her motor is made out of metal (no plastic!), and if I continue to care for her, someday, one of children may be able to keep her in the family.

My big project yesterday was my Scandi Mei Tei.

A Mei Tei is a sling best described as the perfect carrier for heavy babies. Like Saxton. It can be worn in the front or as a back carrier. Not to mention the fact it's pretty!

I used this tutorial to make it:

And, using more of the scraps left over from making Saxton's crib bedding last spring, I made Feido:

Feido now guards the bottom of our front door from cold drafts. Good boy, Feido!
I also used flannel scaps from a friend and minky scraps (more scraps from Saxton's bedding) to make 6 more baby wipes for Saxton. He's loving food, and I'm noticing bigger poops. Bigger poops=more wipes needed. Haha!
I'm also sewing on 4 drapes for the dining room (2 done, 2 half done). You can see my fabulous drapes when I show off the completed dining room, which is hopefully in a few days!
Oh! I almost forgot! I made 3 regular size girlie baby wipes & 2 large girlie wipes for a couple pay it forward listings in my etsy store. The 3 regular wipes have found a home, but if you need baby girl wipes, see my other PIF listing! All I ask is that you pass the love on.

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