Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Saxton & His Mesh Feeder

Eating from a spoon is great-IF mom lets you feed yourself. Which doesn't happen. Enter: the mesh feeder.

Saxton spies crisp steamed carrots in a bowl on the dinner table.
Suddenly, the squash Mom is feeding him isn't what he wants. He pushes the Mom driven spoon away.
He yells out, "I want some of those orange thingies!" But alas, his family only hears, "Goo ga namamanama ::gurgle:: gah!" So begins the intent stare at the carrots.
Suddenly Mom asks, "Are you wanting some carrots?" He responds, "Rah ba ga babababa!" (translation: Yes! Let me have some!)
She scoops out some into a small bowl and disappears into the kitchen with them. "Aiyayaya!" (translation: Wait! I said yes!)
The white box in the kitchen beeps and Mom returns, shaking the carrots into a net thingy. She twists on a handle and hands it to him.
Saxton peers at the new object and tastes it. Feverishly, he chews all over it, seeking the carrots. Suddenly, a new taste. What is this? He pulls it out of his mouth and eyes it. It's orange. It kinda mushy. Tastes pretty good. Is this the carrots? Hmmmmm.... Numnumnum. Must be!
Gleefully, he waves his prize in the air, shreiking his delite! Only, to drop it on the floor.
Alas poor carrots, I knew ye too brief.

He has found a great many of yummy things to eat in it since!


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