Monday, June 23, 2008

Boy + Iron Post = Day In ER

Me-fine. Saxton-fine. Korra-fine. Hubby-fine. Xavian-not so much.

Xavian went outside to play a little after 12:30 today, and w/in about 20 minutes, I heard this horrible scream. I flew out the front door (the direction I thought the scream came from), Korra met me and said Xavian fell down and is bleeding. K. Fine. Skinned knee, right? No.

I go in the back door, notice a trail of bloody door knobs and a splattered trail on the floor. Xavian is standing in the middle of the kitchen, sobbing and clutching at the back of his head, which is literally gushing blood. The back of his shirt is soaked, ect. I grabbed a handful of paper towels, stuck them to the back of his head, ran upstairs, and woke up Hubby.

While DH attended to Xavian, I put Saxton's carseat back together (I had it tore apart to wash), pulled the car up to the front door, loaded Saxton, and then Hubby loaded a shaking Xavian.

Long story short, we spent almost 4 hours in the waiting room because of a never ending trail of ambulances, a nurse ended up comming to the waiting room and bandaging Xavian's head so that we could quit holding a hand towel on it, then she gave him a hospital gown to put on. We finally saw the doctor who decided staples would be best, and the nurse measured and cleaned the still bleeding gash. To quote the dr, he "busted a fat one". Since it was still bleeding excessively (so many hours after the fact), he changed his mind to stitches.

5 hours after we arrived at the ER, we left w/ 3 stitches on the 2.5 cm gash, and strict instructions to wake him every 2 hours and how to keep the area clean.

It doesn't look like he fractured his skull or has any brain swelling, but the dr said it can take up to 72 hours before we're in the clear. We have to see the pedi on Wednesday, and he'll determine when to remove stitches.

Now, he's catching some sleep. Poor guy.

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