Monday, June 16, 2008

In case you didn't know

I do custom painted jeans for children and big hairbows.

I saw some custom jeans on eBay selling for INSANE amounts of money, and thought, I can do that! So I went out and bought some professional fabric paints, sat down, and painted my first pair. They turned out gloriously! I received oodles of complements everywhere Korra wore them. I've since sold several pairs on eBay. And every pair has been my own unique design.

Well, last summer, I was working full time, and stopped painting jeans and making hairbows. Then, I decided to redecorate most of the house during the cooler months. But as of this week, I'm back!

I'm going to paint some Dr Seuss themed jeans for Xavian and Korra to wear to school for Dr Seuss' birthday week. The kids and I are so excited! We've been looking at their Seuss books, picking out exactly what they want on their jeans. No exact replicas of any particular picture (that would be infringing on copyrighted material), but, definately the Seuss characters, using the Seuss style!

Here's the first pair of jeans I ever painted, Korra modeling:

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