Sunday, June 22, 2008

A "Powerful" road trip

Yesterday morning, Hubby indicated that maybe we could take a road trip. Xavian had Cub Scout day camp all week, and because of the cost of gas, I stayed in the area all day (except Thursday), so the idea of a road trip (and being gone all day, again) wasn't super appealing to me. But, I sat down and searched the web for any festivals or events within a reasonable drive. I found an expo and flea market at the Coolsprings Power Museum. The what museum? Well, appearently it's the largest collection of stationary steam engines in the world. And, that in itself is cool. Even cooler? It's just an hour and a half down the highway from us. I bought into the roadtrip, packed us up, and we escaped!

Hubby started the trip off with milkshakes (yes, my children LOVE their daddy). We knew we were going the right direction, when we started meeting antique steam engines and tractors (obviously leaving the expo!) We arrived just in time for a thunderstorm. Most of the expo participants were gone, as well as many of the flea market vendors, but the museum was open until 8pm, so we stayed to check things out.

It's a REALLY neat museum. Lots to see! It's really neat to see these big, old engines, still opperating. Here's a few we saw:

Here's the kids & I checking things out, while enjoying ourselves:

Pretty cool, huh?

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