Monday, June 9, 2008


Well, my annual yard sale was a success. My MIL came down (is this the 4th or 5th year?), and we nickled and dimed our way to more than $800! When I was packing things up, I couldn't believe how much was gone! I have like 4 plastic totes left (2 full of fall and winter maternity & kids' clothes). My share of the sale money is going towards our trip to Kansas & Oklahoma & my MIL is saving for a new pond.

I think that I'm going to have a Labor Day Weekend sale to move the fall/winter clothes & a couple of ceramic heaters. We're going to be school clothes & shoe shopping for 2 kiddos this year, so the extra money from a fall sale would be nice.

I scored a ton of beautiful, name-brand clothes for Korra at a couple sales this weekend too. (I love being part of a community sale). Saxton got quite a bit of very nice clothes too. This was a dry weekend for Xavian, but I'm certain I'll come across a couple good sales for him later this summer.

The seller at one of the sales where I got Korra a lot of clothes has a little girl who went to school with Xavian. She has a couple tubs of designer clothes she didn't get out for her sale, but after his sister goes through them, she's bringing them over for me to go through! If I can keep dressing my babies cheap (but in VERY nice stuff-I have standards), it'll make it easier for me to stay home!

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