Friday, June 6, 2008

School's Out!

Xavian graduated from kindergarten today!

I just sat down to look thru the paper package his teacher sent home today, and inside I found my budding artist's self portrait- from September AND May.


And May:

What an incredible difference 9 months makes! I'm so excited to see how he has evolved and started picking up the small details, like his shoe laces.

I gave him a "grown-up" sketch pad for his birthday. He since since completely filled every page of it. Dinosaurs, planes, cars, legos, images of his friends, trains, and his artistic rendentions of us as a family have covered the pages. Designs have clung to my fridge, on my walls, backs of doors and filled envelopes sent to family and friends. I'm constantly finding nubs of pencils and broken crayons on his floor and under my kitchen island. I have lovely cards he's made me for various holidays. Such is life with a budding artist!

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