Thursday, June 5, 2008

Rhubarb and designer shoes & bags

I L.O.V.E. rhubarb. I like the tart fruits, and technically rhubarb is a root, which makes it a member of the vegetable family, BUT, I love it non-the-less.

Today, I scored about 20 lbs of rhubard for $4. That's right: $4. Awsome, huh? Especially considering it's $7/lb at the grocery store. So I saved $136! It's locally grown, too. I need to plant my root this summer and get my patch started, so that in 4 years, I will have rhubarb all my own.

Tonight, I'll make a rhubarb pie, maybe make some cherry-rhubarb jelly on Sunday, and I'll chop up the rest, measure it out for pies & crisps, and freeze it. I think I might need another freezer, maybe?

It's funny to me. I enjoy owning designer clothes, bags, and shoes (Steve Maddon, anyone?), but I also like growing my own food and canning. I give friends and family homemade salsa for Christmas every year. We eat our own green beans all winter long. And what tastes better than a homegrown tomatoe at dinner time? Not to mention the herendious price of fresh produce right now. I can't believe what we're being charged!

So glad to look out my window right now and admire the green spouts rising out of recently tilled soil. Not so happy about the weeds that have sprouted up with this weeks rain, but they'll be easy to yank. Everything is comming up, except for the okra. It likes warmer weather, though. Xavian spotted the carrots yesterday. I recently was joking with J. about it being our victory garden!

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