Wednesday, July 16, 2008

A little worried

Our Chessie cat (who is a strict house cat) accidently was let outside yesterday. He was chased by our dog, alco, and the neighbor's 2 dogs, and ended up stuck in a tree. Today, I picked him up, and he cried. So I started looking him over and I found some injuries on his rear end, but none are bleeding. I'm praying that that's not a bad thing. I'm to have him at the vet's office at 4pm (when she opens) to be looked over. He's moving extremely slow, too.

I really, really hope he's not hurt so bad that he has to be put down. Not only is a much loved member of the family, but my 4 yr old is the one that let him out. I can only imagine how upset she'll be if she thinks this is all her fault.

Pray for our Chessie cat, won't you?

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joes_love said...

poor chessie! Teller has a wet wound behind his ear that the vet said was fine and to just put antiseptic in it. I hope Chessie's injuries are minor.