Saturday, July 12, 2008

Mr Mom?

So, I went to 2 community yardsales today. I took the baby & the dog, and left the kids with hubby. Oh hubby. Poor hubby.

I returned from my treasure hunt to find my 2 children running around crazy, and Daddy was half-passed out on the couch. During my brief stay here at home (I had a home show to attend), I wittnessed Xavian chasing Korra with a chair while she zipped around in her Barbie power wheels Jeep, jamming to her FM radio. I know, right? I wished for a power wheels as a kid, but never had one. And now, my children each have one (well, the 2 oldest anyway), AND my daughter's has a working radio! Life is so not fair. Oh well. If it was fair we wouldn't call it life, now would we?

Back on subject, I think hubby has once again wittnessed what my life is like while he sleeps. And I am a good and understanding wife, when I see him so wore out. I simply hand him the baby and walk off.

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