Sunday, July 13, 2008

And I thought I could be ditzy

We went to Altoona's Railfest yesterday. We had somuch fun! Lots to see and do, for both adults and kids. And then we went to Hooters. Hubby wanted wings, I wanted wings, and the kids really just wanted to eat. We had a really sweet waittress, who was working to earn money to buy, at our assumption, a clue.

We asked for a highchair, so she brings over 2 wooden chairs, stacked. She looks at the highchairs and asks if we know how to work the chair, because she doesn't. We told her they were 2 chairs stacked. "Oh!" was her reply.

Hubby went to take care of something, & I ordered the drinks. I asked for 2 tall Yuenglings. Draft or bottle? she wanted to know. Draft. "Do you want glasses for the beer?"

I ordered 4 waters. She comes back with 4 cups asking if we want lids on all 4? "No," I say. "Just the kids' 2 waters." "Oh." She says. "I thought all 4 for were for the kids"

We had a good laugh at her confusion, enjoyed our wings & fried pickles, and laughed at Saxton eyeing the sports channel on the big screen tv. Our waittress dotted on Xavian. He grinned and ate up every minute, lol! My kids even ended up with Hooters balloons!

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joes_love said...

We took Noah to Cracker Barrel when he was a week old and the hostess looked at him and said "do you need a kids menu?". I about died...maybe she's left Cracker Barrel and went to Hooters!