Monday, July 28, 2008

So, We've Changed To Cloth Diapers!

Saxton is having some rash issues with disposables, and the disposables are so miserably expensive, that we decided cloth might just be the route to go!
Cloth are supposed to leak less, too, which is a good thing since we co-sleep. Waking up to a wet baby & sheets is NOT fun.

Here's a cloth diaper butt!

I just listed the Huggies case of size 1/2 (264 ct) on ebay. If interested, check it out! It's new! If the link doesn't show up, my ID is Korra*skloset.


I also have some Pampers Size 3, new, but the boxes are long gone, that I didn't list. If interested, e-mail me at thejenni.girl @

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