Sunday, July 6, 2008


Where have I been? I've been Crazy, that's where.

Monday: Not sure what happened. Kids had pedi appt but it was moved to Tuesday. The rest is a blur.

Tuesday: Took Saxton for his 2 month check up & Xavian had his stitches removed. Grandpa stole Xavian for a few days.

Wednesday: Picked up kids' pics at Sears, visited friend & her new baby, L.

Thursday: Slept in & then drove to in-laws for the weekend. Made a tort & veggie tray for the July 4th party. Visited with MIL.

Friday: 4th of July picnic/bridal shower at in-laws. Followed by more cooking out/partying at hubby's aunt's house. Watched the Mercyhurst fireworks display from aunt's front yard.

Saturday: Sorted personal belongings in in-law's chicken coop, drove home, stopping at every yardsale we saw.

Ok. That covers it. 4th of July pics to be posted soon!

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