Friday, July 18, 2008

PICTURES! (4th of July)

I'm canning tonight, now that the day has cooled off. While I'm waitting on the pressure canner, here's the 4th of July!

FIL & Saxton having a "coversation

The kids in their red, white & blue outfits

Great Grandma with Saxton & his cousin P., who is 2 days older than Saxton

Saxton chattin up with his future Uncle M.

MIL just can't get enough of her newest grandbaby!

And here's Aunt C. & future Uncle M.'s surprise wedding shower:

Who put their elbow in the cake?!

The oodles of gifts

Aunt C. & future Uncle M.

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Katie the Magnificent. said...

Your kiddos are beautiful. Love ya! (And thanks, by the way.)