Sunday, July 13, 2008

Our Little Princess

Korra's pagent was this afternoon, and boy! did she look cute! This was her very first time to be in the local pagent (not that she's been in any others, lol.)

This year's theme was a 50's sock hop. Isn't she sweet?

She didn't "win", but seriously, who cares? She was in it like she wanted, had fun, and can do it again next year, if she wants. She still got a crown, plus a bag of fun "princess" goodies. We're so proud of her!


joes_love said...

she's adorable! did you make her poodle skirt?

Jenn said...

Actually, my Mom did (she's very talented, but, well, she's still mom) for Halloween previously. I tracked down the shirt, cancan, sweater, and pin. We ended up doing a headband with her hair down, because she had, *ahem*, cut her hair and a pony tail wouldn't work with the "new" style, lol!